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    Tetsuko, the Iron Princess

    Gender: Female
    Race: Eclipse-Caste Solar (Human)
    Age: 24 (20 in Exalted years; appears to be in her early 20s)
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Class: Diplomat
    Power Rating: 5 (Essence 4)
    Backstory: Tetsuko is new to her power, having Exalted only a year or so ago, when the Deliberative was negotiating with her father's Southeastern kingdom for his integration into the Deliberative's rule. The Deliberative's representatives were pressing an unfavorable compromise using social Charms, and she stepped forward to take up the negotiation despite her youth, determined to protect her kingdom's interests - and took her Second Breath.

    Since then, she has become known as a skilled and fair diplomat and negotiator, successfully bringing her father's realm and several minor realms into the Deliberative's fold.
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