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    Aliases: Jack Empty, the Yochanan, Valeyria

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: Millenia. At least in body.

    Alignment: True Neutral/Neutral Evil

    Class: Wizard

    Power Rating: B-, C+


    Jack is a mildly handsome man who's recently shaved his whole head bald. It would appear his dome is now scrawled over with ancient alien symbols. He's Late thirties or early forties, at most. Slightly taller than average. A jagged, ugly scar runs up his wrist and away into his sleeve. Some others are visible elsewhere, one in particular dancing up his forehead and cutting a patch out of his scalp. His eyes are a bright grey.

    Personality: Jack is a new man. He was, up till last year, a powerful sorcerer with a cruel personality. After an incident addressed below, he lost his memories, and transformed from a horror into a human again. He's a strange creature, an eccentric with a broken mind. What remained of his old personality recently jumped ship as a 'tulpa', a creature formed from a man's thoughts. That certainly hasn't helped his stability.

    Equipment: He doesn't carry much with him. The important bits are:

    -The Liar's Note, one of (2)538 indestructible Objects that litter the Multiverse, and are destined to eventually bring it to an end. Or at least, that's how the legend goes. Those who search after these objects are simply called 'Seekers'. The Note, upon being read, forces the reader to trust the Note's user, giving a reason why and then making them believe it.
    -Maybe another of the Objects, one of the ones that don't grant any inherent or immediate abilities.
    -A pen and some paper.


    -Magical might, including advanced Void or Mind-related magic, amongst other things. Many of his abilities are explained by some form of magic or dark deal. Though he's likely unwilling to use most of it these days.
    -Access to the Yellow Road, a pandimensional realm that transcends space and time. Through it, he can teleport, open portals, and perform similar manipulations of what we call 'reality'. He can't use it in quick succession anymore.
    -Skill with a wide variety of weaponry from all ages.

    Backstory: There's lots of legends about Jack. Some fools stories, no more believable than a bad vampire novel. Others... well, you could definitely peg Jack Empty in there somewhere. One tells of the Devourer, Edo Edi Essum, as he smote across the Multiverse in the elder days. It's said one of the original Demons stole a piece of foul Edo, dragging it down into the Abyss and forging it into some horrible semblance of mortal man.

    Another says Jack was the leader of a cult, meant to worship the Void between worlds. He gained power, over time, but in turn lost his soul to the darkness.

    Another, a theory proposed by some of the finest Seekers ever to transcend the trials, is perhaps the most believable. It tells of He Who Seeks for Power, Jack's alleged title in the ancient Minoan civlization. An equally fine Seeker, who brought prosperity to his people and admiration from his peers. He became a king, says the legend. He was madly in love, with a family on the way. He Sought often, hunted the strange Objects and fought off their madness. But, with their potential for destruction, there were some Objects that Jack refused to gather.

    Of course, it's in Their nature to be brought together, so They decided to motivate him. The will of the Objects destroyed everything that was dear to him. But the loss simply broke him, rather than drive him forward as They had intended. A terrible darkness began to grow in the rift where his soul had been. He became unfit to Reunite the Objects. And so, like They always do, the Objects chose somebody else. Thus the hollow void inside grew unchecked, consumed him, molded him.

    Jack continued to Seek madly for a time, waiting for the day when the Objects would all be brought together, turning ally against ally and bringing strife to the earthly realms. But not long after he came to the Nexus, something began to change inside of him. He began to see, truly, what the void had done and how control it had wrested from him. Only Jack knew its origins, and only he knew how to destroy it before his will was lost entirely - he had to become human again. After all these years, he was the furthest thing from human a creature could be.

    He got his wish, but at the price of his memory. He lost his knowledge of the apocalyptic artifacts known as the Objects, along with just about everything else that mattered. The witch who granted this wish let him keep his powers, however - an even trade as any. He lost his only reaosn to exist, but at least he regained control. That was the imporant part. Right?

    Even this 'solution' didn't solve his problem entirely. The Void Inside had become too strong and independent, had formed its own mind. Two distinct beings, sharing space inside Jack's mostly vacant brain. Two Jacks. It was a painful paradox for both of them. The Void jumped ship at its first opportunity, taking what remained of Jack's (in)sanity with it, and he was glad to be rid of his dark side.

    Jack has never been a very nice man. Despite his memory loss, he still feels that he must atone for what he's done. Hence his residency at the Nexus organization called GLoG. There he hopes to make good use of this new life that's been thrust upon him, no matter how far it deviates from his old schemes. Or at least, that's what he says. You never do know with Jack.
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