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    Default Re: Wait, the old dude's DEAD?! (Let's play Harvest Moon: Friends of mineral town)

    Yeah, you want the "fat U," as always... Does Maria still like Cabbage, or is that only HM64? Well, if she still like cabbage, grow that. Maybe just do a little bit of everything.

    Will you be wooing everyone before settling down, or asking us to focus? Because I like the "woo everyone and leave a trail of broken hearts to be fixed by the rivals" option. Failing that... I dunno. The Mineral Town incarnations of these girls never appealed to me as much as the Flowerbud Village versions.

    I love HM, so I'll be excited to see how this goes.

    Edit: Wait, the mineral town line starts you off with that nightmarishly tiny rucksack, yes? OK, so turnips may be a good place to start so you can get enough money fast to upgrade to something less really annoying.
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