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    Alias: Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire; Destroyer of Worlds; the Dangerously Insane
    Gender: Male
    Race: Cat, human, catman, worm
    Class: Thief/Sniper

    Description: He's a Russian Blue cat with a penchant for treasure and occasional mischief. Often changes shape through various means not normally available to him, sometimes against his will. A common one is that of a flaming hawt human whose origins can be traced back centuries to Prince Kaelaroth Maschin of Magtok-Armennia.

    Personality: He outright earned the name Dangerously Insane. Originally a nihilist of extreme measures, he has since changed his views and now largely just wants to stay out of everyone's way while trying to do what he can to make up for what he's done. Once a self-proclaimed pacifist, he still prefers to avoid violence whenever he can, if for no other reason than the fact he's usually on the losing side of such confrontations. Largely unstable, he's been through such issues like split personalities, amnesia, talking to people who aren't there, building himself wish-fulfillment friends, masochism, trying to destroy the multi-verse, suicidal depression and more. Unusually resilient, however, he has managed to shake all but the masochism and the depression which tends to cling to him like moss to a tree.

    Equipment and Abilities:
    Has a variety of equipment he keeps in a hammer space and uses magic to access. How else do you expect cats to carry these type of things? He's an excellent shot, particularly with a sniper rifle, though has avoided touching one for some time now. He has a few illusion spells and can turn pink to fly thanks to a hazardous encounter with some will-o-wisps.

    Backstory: Lengthy. Probably best to find out the normal way. I'd also recommend reading the ACRO digest.

    The current "official" Reinholdt is actually a clone Magtok made in hopes of gathering information to use against Calublufiok. He was not actually there during the infamous Apoca-Con incident and loathes the thought of what Reinholdt Prime did. Like all Reinholdts, he was responsible for Shepherd's existence and often has to face that fact and his subsequent shooting of his son on a daily basis. Occasionally designated as Reinholdt C. to represent his clone status and separate him from the others.

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    "I'm not looking for trouble, though it seems to follow me like an obsessed fangirl after a bad date..."

    Reinholdt Prime

    Alias: Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire; Destroyer of Worlds; the Dangerously Insane
    Gender: Male
    Race: Cat, human, catman, worm
    Class: Thief/Sniper

    Much the same as above with a few exceptions:

    Personality: Due to Astir's influence, his intelligence has been greatly increased at the cost of being incredibly corrupted. He is obsessed with making this world safe from threats like Magtok and eliminating sin while hypocritically wallowing in it, unaware of just how twisted his views are.

    Equipment and Abilities: He has the faded domain of life granted to him by Astir and held in a ghostlike state ironically by Shepherd. This gives him minor control of vermin and plantlife, a healing factor, and healing capabilities, though their power has been greatly reduced since Astir's time.

    Backstory: Largely the same as above due to the fact that Reinholdt M split from Reinholdt Prime just weeks before the Apoca-Con. After gassing the people at the Apoca-Con to remove their sapience, he formed Astir's Kingdom, assaulted the Magcave and temporarily killed Magtok, though lost his life in the process, ensuring Astir's Kingdom would never get off the ground. Spent a great deal of time in Hell before visited by Furiel, an emissary of Shepherd's and sent back to ACRO for the purpose of bringing Shepherd back to life.

    Quote Originally Posted by Reinholdt Prime
    As Reinholdt stares out the window, hundreds of tiny little mirrors form, angled perfectly to reflect his face. No longer is Reinholdt looking at hundreds of mewling Shepherds, but rather hundreds of Reinholdts.

    "Kill them all."
    Reinholdt the Meek

    Alias: Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire; Destroyer of Worlds; the Dangerously Insane
    Gender: Male
    Race: Cat, human, catman, worm
    Class: Thief/Sniper

    Much the same as the first with the following exceptions:

    Personality: Due to Eve's influence, he gained a fair amount of enlightenment but his attributes good and bad were increased. He grew far more timid and scared than usual and earned the nickname the Meek, having almost lost the ability to talk altogether.

    Backstory: A simulacram created by Reinholdt Prime and left in GLoG to retrieve what he considered to be his Brightheart, he was away when Astir first corrupted Reinholdt Prime so remained more himself than Reinholdt Prime did. Until Jedwiga gave him a pomegranate of knowledge that is, changing him and enhancing his traits, particularly his timidness. He opposed the Apoca-Con, providing the information necessary for an antidote. When he was finally free from Reinholdt Prime due to the later's death, he went to the Prima Materia plane and started working to recreate some of the worlds he had destroyed. In the process however, he created not only Calublufiok, but his own world and ancestors as well, inadvertently creating a time loop.

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    "Tell... her, I'm... sorry..."
    Total deaths: 5
    Currently using: 2 lives
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