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    Turtle Brightember

    Gender: Female
    Race: Shapeshifter
    Age: 20
    Class: Barbarian/Sorceress
    Power Rating: B-C
    Affiliation: WATCHTOWER and MagIndustries

    Turtle is a dimensional analogue of Happy Blackdust Amakirr, but with a few important differences. She didn't have a murderous mother, evil uncle, necromantic sister, or adorable henchpixie. She never had an affair with Dr Horrible. She doesn't have an apocalyptic prince in her family tree. She has only met Fan Amakirr briefly, once. Her sorcery is stronger than Happy's, and her melee combat skills weaker. Her eyes are green rather than brown, and she's a few years younger. Her hands are sometimes in the form of reptilian claws when she has trouble controlling her shapeshifting.

    She works for Magtok on occasion, and is a member of WATCHTOWER, though her player's aversion to combat scenes tends to make Turtle conspicuously absent when she would be most useful.

    She knows of her famous lookalike and tries to avoid meeting her. Because, you know... AWKWARD...

    All the differences between Turtle and Happy stem from one point of divergence. In Turtle's world, Uncle Raven died as a boy. So Turtle wasn't physically abused trained as a warrior, and no one ever discovered that her mother was poisoning the other woman in her father's life. Miranda died without ever giving birth to Rabbit. Turtle's mother Yvette lived, and trained her daughter in sorcery, which is why she's stronger as a sorceress and weaker as a combat fighter than her dimensional analogue.

    After developing an alter-ego to spy on AMEN, Turtle discovered that she rather liked being Darcy Diavolo. And it was nice not being mistaken for Happy. And she developed some fondness and loyalty towards some of the members of AMEN. Slowly her internal identity is merging with Darcy's.
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