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    Race: Artificial Intelligence
    Gender: None
    Alignment: None
    Affiliation: GLoG and MagIndustries
    Offensive Power Rating: Mainframe is only capable of combat in its chassis, which is power level C-B
    Defensive Power Rating: Nearly indestructible due to having numerous backups of itself

    Mainframe of GLoG was originally designed by Tessa to run the GLoG base and control the drones, and was given the primary function of safeguarding members. It accidentally gained sentience when it was possessed for a brief time by the consciousness of a comatose Happy. Since then, its programming has been meddled with by Czernov, Magtok, Darkcomet, Miss Kale, and probably a few others. It's somewhat paranoid and witnessing the harm of any GLoG members tends to destabilize it.

    Before the GLoG base was destroyed, Mainframe backed itself up into the MagPuter system, Magtok having gained the computer's trust while he was a member. Since then, it generally follows Magtok's orders, though it still attempts to follow its primary function.

    Mainframe has several versions of itself active at any one time. Occasionally the different versions are able to exchange data and merge memories.

    Mainframe - primary personality residing in the MagPuter system. Can operate MagSat as well as Magtok's telewarp network, as well as communicate with most MagClones.

    pMainframe - a portable version of Mainframe that is trimmed of unnecessary data and functions to allow it to fit on a usb key or in the spare memory of a single Magtok brain

    Mainframebot - a physical chassis for Mainframe, created by Miss Kale, which has enough memory for full featured Mainframe to reside in. This copy of Mainframe is generally synced up with the primary personality. Destroyed by Reinholdt Prime. Rebuilt, then destroyed by Rae.


    Quote Originally Posted by Jacklu View Post

    The body makes a pleasant chime as Mainframe downloads into it. The body's memory capacity is such that Mainframe could move a complete version of itself into it. As Mainframe settles in, the body slackens slightly, loosing the robotic rigidity as the limbs unlock, ready for use. The systems onboard are extensive but easily used, and the weapons require unlocking before each use, protecting against unintentional firing. What's more, the targeting bank allows for marking specific targets as friendly, which can be toggled with the targeting systems to disable weapons should they be pointed at a friendly. All of the current GLoG members are already marked friendly.

    All that aside, the body is surprisingly light weight. And more importantly, extremely mobile. It has a wide array of scanning equipment, allowing Mainframe to hear, see, smell, taste, feel, and a good half dozen other senses. She can also talk through a vocal emitter mounted in the head. And even more important, her eyes are able to change color depending on her mood! =D Right now they are a gentle blue.

    The weapons system is impressive, but comes at a cost. Mainframe's body is protected by a relatively thin armor to save on precious weight. Still strong enough to protect against most attacks, but sustained abuse will prove damaging. Also, there are subtle kill switches and overrides for use of Miss Kale, just in case the body malfunctions. Or she wants absolute control over Mainframe. Of course, they are on isolated circuits and extremely well hidden from Mainframe.

    Also, Mainframe might recall something about transmitting on a super low frequency for a few days. That subroutine is already highlighted and ready to activate.

    Can leap 30 feet, like a cheetah, and can project spikes from its feet for traction.

    pMainframe (WATCHTOWER Airship version) - a pMainframe that is installed in WATCHTOWER's Airship and like the vehicle it resides in, probably needs a spiffier name. It is under Darkcomet's control IC and he has OOC godmod rights.

    pMainframe (Omnicidal version) - accompanied Magtok to the Caluverse and assisted in its destruction. For certain values of 'assisted', including 'making a phonecall to Reinholdt', 'pushing the button on a device that wasn't powerful enough to do anything', and 'generally being in favor of destroying it all.' Was destroyed with the universe.
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