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    M. Plyq

    Aliases: None. Name pronounced 'plick'.

    Gender: Not applicable. But he sounds somewhat male, and for the sake of simplicity he'll be referred to as such.

    Race/Species: Rolohian

    Age: 22 human years.

    Alignment: Don't know.

    Class/Profession: Chemical/Mechanical Engineer

    Power Rating: D+/C-

    Description: Plyq is a humanoid, albeit a strange one. Standing about six foot five, he is a decidedly thin creature. He's less lanky and more gangly, with limbs a little too long for his body. He's got three digits on either hand, any of which seem to be capable of minor morphing to be used as a thumb. Plyq's feet are similar to those of a human, down to the toe area, where they branch out into three different clawed digits. His skin is a deep purple. Along his chest and stomach is a kaleidoscopic, glittering array of interconnected blue-white crystalline nodes. They seem to shine rhythmically, occasionally pulsing with a white light. Upon is skinny neck is an angular head, most of the face covered by a solid yellow mask. It is entirely smooth and featureless, covering him from just above his mouth to the top of his forehead. His mouth is fairly thin-lipped and his white teeth all appear a little angular. Above the mask and travelling about halfway down his neck is a shock of spiky, unkempt bright brown hair. Flashes and bands of electricity occasionally spark off his body.

    Abilities: His particular family possesses an ambient electrical field that sparks small bursts of energy. He can control it, at times, and while he cannot create large bursts of power it has a great many practical uses.

    The organs in his chest and stomach, the almost crystalline nodes, can create harmonic pitches that can produce different effects. Be they painful, soothing, or rhythmic.

    He's good in his chosen field. Chemicals humanity couldn't dream of are in his hands, and much of his equipment is self-designed.

    Minor shapeshifting.

    Anything else I can't think of right now.

    Personality: Human concepts of love, friendship, and general emotional attachment are entirely new to him. He's not incapable of such feelings, it's simply that he hasn't experienced them. Plyq's primary focus are things he finds 'interesting' or that otherwise take his fancy. He enjoys thinking and puzzles. When solving problems of any sort, he usually seeks the most practical solution.

    Equipment: A large armored vehicle, shaped vaguely like the front carriage of a bullet-train, serves as his home and laboratory.

    He typically carries a gun powered by the electrical currents in his body. Too much use of this weapon can result in extreme numbness and other side effects. The weapon is primed through a pumping mechanism, so it looks vaguely like a very compact pump-action shotgun with a series of glowing ridges. The weapon can fold in and out for better concealability.

    Backstory: To come later.
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