Gender: Female
Race: Drow
Age: 90 (Young twenties somewhere)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Class: Fighter
Description: A dashing young woman who's not entirely... right.

She wears a light chainmail armour, and wields one stiletto knife in her offhand paired with a rapier in her other, both adamantine.

She enjoys taunting opponents, and fights with a mixture of the jivvin golhyrr and kyorlin plynn styles. Her hair is a pale yellow, and her eyes are black.

Personality: She's psychopathic and sadistic, killing with wild abandon. If someone ceases to become useful to her, she will simply dispose of them. Her smile is deeply unnerving.

Equipment: The aforementioned chainmail, stiletto, and rapier. She also carries a variety of interesting poisons, which she will occasionally coat her weapons with. She also owns a Piwafwi cloak, a necklace carrying the house insignia of Xar'Cha, and a communication compact, made of gold and blue enamel, with the insignia of Xar'Cha on the top. It allows her to communicate with anyone that already has one.

Abilities: She's very talented at combat, and can use several innate abilities such as shrouding an opponent in darkness, creating dancing lights, and illuminating a target.

Backstory: To be revealed (a.k.a. I still need to talk to Art. )