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    Tebtranlyn Xabaresh Chaeron

    Gender: Male
    Age: 115 (Late 20's early 30's or so)
    Race: Drow
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Class: Assassin/Rogue/1st level Wizard

    Description: A male drow that stands at about four foot ten. He has silver hair that is cut short compared to most drow. Tebtranlyn has his hair pulled back into a small braid with his bangs set to frame his face. He has sharp and yet soft features with his almond shaped rose colored eyes. He wears a Piwafwi cloak and light chainmail and enchanted leather armor. Tebtranlyn also wears an insignia of house Xar'Cha proudly around his neck.

    Equipment: Piwafwi cloak, chainmail armor, enchanted leather armor, magical longbow, two masterwork daggers, various poisons, house insignia and a communication compact.

    Abilities: Can levitate, create an illuminating fire around an opponent, create a globe of darkness, and also use dancing lights. He can also cast various other spells with his house insignia and has basic arcane spells. Tebtranlyn is also a skilled assassin and fighter not needing to see to fight. He also knows and uses several different fighting styles together while also being able to stay back and snipe from great distances.

    Backstory: Was born and raised in the main house of Xar'Cha. His mother was one of the priestess and his father was the weapons master. He took a liking to magic at a young age and even went to the mage school for several years but soon left finding that magic didn't excite him as much combat. He then went and started to study to become an assassin. He was trained in long range and close quarter combat along with the various other skills an assassin needs such as stealth and knowledge of poisons. He found that his study in magic wasn't wasted finding that the spells he had learned could easily give him an advantage over others, so he has continued to study magic as a hobby on the side. He prefers the longbow, letting him take out his enemies at a suitable far distance and uses two daggers in close range. However he would prefer to not have to use either letting a drugged drink or poisoned food do his work for him.

    Ongoing Story: Not much of one currently.
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