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    Merrak, the Doomed Storm

    Merrak, he has disowned his last name
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Drow
    Age: 260 years old
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Class/Profession: Fighter/ranger, he is very high ranking in House Xar'Cha's army of expendable males.
    Power Rating: a flat C, using Neon Knight's scale
    Description: Merrak is a tall and slim-but-muscular drow male. His hair is the natural white of the drow and bound into a ponytail. His eyes are red, signifying his infrared sight. A large vertical scar crosses his right eye and his left hand is scarred by fire, though they both work fine.
    Equipment: Merrak wears a light but magically strong suit of drow chainmail, which doesn't restrict movement. He also wears a Piwafwi cloak. He has studded leather leggings, which like all drow armor is made to be strong but not to restrict movement. He wears the Xar'Cha house insignia in a bag which is strung around his neck. His main weapon is an enchanted Duergar-made spiked mace which he uses along with a more conventional longsword, which is also enchanted. He also always carries a small drow one-handed crossbow and a supply of small darts that deliver the very strong sleeping potion of the drow. He has at least 4 daggers hidden around his body in case of emergency as well.
    Abilities: Darkvision (based on the infrared spectrum, you see heat), immunity to sleep, spell resistance, and magical spells usable a few times a day: faerie fire, dancing lights, and darkness. Kickass fighting style of z'ress a'thalak, where he uses his strength along with his natural dexterity to shatter bones and weapons with precise and powerful strikes of his heavier weapon. Magically heightened senses that makes pain feel pleasurable.
    Backstory: Drow of a lesser house who grew up and got very good at fighting. When his house was crushed (as lesser houses are on a regular basis), he swore alligence to House Xar'Cha. With his strong fighting abilities and leadership qualities, he made it pretty high up on the male's chain of command in House Xar'Cha. He was chosen, along with a few other drow, for a covert mission to the surface and the Nexus.
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