Doctor Marone
Theme song: Viva Discordia by That Handsome Devil

Alias: Doc, Doc Kidney, Doc Kidney Thief, "The Kidney Thief", "Hey That Guy Stole My Kidney", Larry
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human/Astral
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Apathetic Evil
Class/Profession: "Doctor"
Power Rating: C+
Personality: Lazy, fun loving "doctor" who hates doctors and clowns. Always hanging out in various planes of existence, hard to keep his attention.
Equipment: Stolen stethoscope, Lab coat, Snazzy suit, Awesome shades, one of those round things real doctors wear on their heads.
Abilities: Creates temporal portals that manifest as black holes. One way.
Backstory: The majority of his past is unknown due to a pharmaceutical experiment he participated in as a young...thing...
Miscellaneous: Definitely a real doctor and not running from the mob.