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    Dar Bal Gurrv

    Aliases: Bond-Brother Bal

    Gender: Not applicable.

    Race/Species: Mgalekgolo, or 'Hunters' as the humans call them.

    Age: Since Dar's first body conglomerated, it has been about 52 human years.

    Alignment: Neutral Good/True Neutral

    Class/Profession: Tank. No, not the party tank. He's literally a walking tank.

    Power Rating: B/low B+

    Description: One of these:


    Essentially, a twelve foot tall, hulking mass of orange worms that forms a single monstrous humanoid. This creature then solidifies itself and dons nice, shiny power armor. This armor is jagged, decorated with alien symbols, and plated in many places. Long, deadly spikes cover the creature's back. However, a couple openings allow for vulnerable spots, but also give the creature more mobility.

    It's head is simply a lump of worms covered in a curving, bowl-like metal helmet. One lower arm of the power armor consists of a multi-faceted Assault cannon, covered in small green pods that serve as the weapon's powersource.

    The other lower arm is elongated into a metallic shield-like protrusion, ornate, nigh-impenetrable and capable of being used as a powerful melee weapon.

    Dar's voice is a low, vibrating sound, reverberating through ones ears, and perhaps one's very mind, as he speaks.

    Personality: The creature has a sort of dual personality, almost like it's lost Bond-Brother lives on inside it.

    In his normal state, Dar is quiet, contemplative, and slow to act. He enjoys poetry, music, singing, and reading, and in his spare time will also stop to meditate. About what, you'll just have to ask. In fact, he likes solitude so much, sometimes you can annoy him simply by speaking.

    In a more active state, he becomes blunt, quicker to anger, and more aggressive. He enjoys battle to some extent, like the rest of his caste, perhaps even giving an audible chuckle when crushing an enemy beneath his massive boot.

    Dar switches between these states at random, sometimes. He could be ripping a monster apart with his bare hands, and then suddenly stop to think about his actions and recite war poetry.


    -Mgalekgolo Power Armor
    -Assault Cannon


    -Awe-inspiring alien strength and flowing combat abilities.
    -A knowledge of strategy and tactics.
    -High accuracy with his assault cannon, which fires massive, streaking globules of glowing green energy. It has an alternate firing mode as well, which sprays streams of green, radioactive incendiary gel.
    -Surprising grace and bursts of speed when enraged.
    -The ability to eat minerals and weaker metals.
    -The ability to leave his power armor and bond with some machinery.


    -No experience with magic whatsoever.
    -Sometimes random switches between passive and wrathful states.
    -Gaps in his armor, which become more vulnerable while making big attacks.
    -Vulnerability to mind affecting things, which tend to 'sear' his collective consciousness.

    Backstory: Forced into the service of the theocratic Covenant, like others of his race, Dar sought only to do his duty and return home. Though battle was fun sometimes, most of the humans proved weak enemies, and he missed his clan. The only personal comfort he had was his Bond Brother Teek, and the two often confided in eachother for long hours aboard strange cruisers.

    The two fought side by side up until the Covenant Civil War, where they sought to side with the Humans and battle for their race's freedom. Unfortunately, Teek was lost when multiple Jiralhanae (what the humans call 'Brutes') opened fire with their ballistic weapons.

    From the flank, Dar still managed to slaughter the lot of them, but only with Teek's sacrifice. Dar raged off into the forests of the world on which they fought, anger overcoming him.

    Unknowingly, he's now passed into the Nexus. What wonders await him here?
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