Alias: The Emerald Wizard. Scion of the Order of the Eternal Yew.
Gender: Male.
Race/Species: Human.
Age: 30s-40s range.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Class/Profession: Wizard or Magi.
Power Rating: B or 5. He has powerful magic, but, like the usual wizard, is going to get stomped by a physical enemy if he's surprised.
Description: Fairly scrawny, with the typical physique you'd expect from a mage. His complexion is rather pale, having gotten little sun in his tower. He wears an emerald colored robe with black hems and embroidered runes. He has black hair and dark green eyes.
Personality: Smaragdos enjoys learning new things, especially about magic. He's willing to engage in practices of questionable ethics, but will shy away from outright Evil. He is very organized and orderly, and he strongly believes in following structured rules, be it a daily routine, alphabetizing tomes, using scientific rigor in experiments, or tapping seven times when he's exceptionally nervous.
Equipment: Smaragdos has a knapsack of the usual traveling items he carries magically, a pouch inside his robe filled with spell components, his main spellbook and a few other mystical and esoteric tomes. He also has an anti-magic dagger, which can hurt Deities.
Abilities: Smaragdos can cast a variety of spells. The one area of wizardry he has problems with is potion brewing. He hasn't had a chance to really use many spells, yet, but he has shown the power to launch a small lance of emerald light (like a laser, pew pew!) which can penetrate ordinary armor.
Backstory: Very recently, Smaragdos appeared in the Nexus after fleeing the destruction of his Wizard Tower he shared with several other magi. He claims to be the sole survivor of the Order of the Eternal Yew, but has not yet shared the details of this tragedy.
Miscellaneous: Nothing yet.