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    Murkus' Nexus characters. Ta-da.



    Maiel/Ruin of Kaen Lua, a creature who inherited great and terrible power.

    Maxwell, ambitious and voracious businessman.

    Adir Frescot, Oracle-touched, son of Pagan deities, huntsman.

    Fettina, aspiring musician. Robo-organic. Drug abuser.



    Caesa/Adalia Scae, a force of nature shrouded in the guise of a human witch.

    Bellen Vraal, the Sundered Hand, shamed clan warrior from the Borderlands.

    Naitiri, Fettina's sister. Businesslike, educated, and organized.



    Teq Vraal, assassin for hire.

    Dar, former Covenant Hunter and wisened warrior.

    Orich, Sarah's servant and bodyguard.

    Susurrus, some sort of vast alien intelligence, trapped inside a computer program that, to retain a physical form and its personality/knowledge, must feed on mortals.

    Percival, former Nazi Kommandant and morphing devil.

    Sticks, creepy soul-trader.

    Gelley, aspiring superheroine who's trying to reconnect with her sister.

    Cornelia Walsh, half-elf shootist. Formerly a smith. Pretty eyes. Heavily scarred.

    Ordo, cranky, lovable psion of NO.
    Orrey Lauhter, a violent, drugged up thug.

    Jack, mindwiped supervillain and member of GLoG. He's trying to get rehabilitated.

    Empty. A monster that crawled out've the void where Jack's soul is supposed to be. It was part of him, part of his mind, and as such has retained his memories.

    Dr. Rein, doctor. Father of Sarah, the Object-girl.

    Nayir Ghalikus, mage, 'procurer', self-satisfied criminal. ((Could use a reboot, more development before posting, change in appearance))

    Lady Legion, power house of the Objects, wanted by practically every Holder-related creature in existence. (Retrieving #4: Nothing)

    Sarah, the little living Object. Came about from a twisting of Holder lore.

    Molodai, strange and hungry wildfae.


    Shelved Ideas

    Praetorious, ages-old Seeker and former monstrous villain, seeking redemption and enlightenment.

    Yenna Ostgood, halfling monk. A character made for development.

    The Queendom of Scarcsil, my faction, which has character profiles for several people. Well, it would, if all of them were written up.

    Yannovick Ventrii, religious leader, reality warper, all-around nice guy.

    M. Plyq, a chemical and mechanical engineer seeking to make a name for himself.

    The Masked Bastard, perhaps one of my stranger characters.


    Dissected Ideas

    ERGO. Gatherer of knowledge. Unethical scientist. Philosopher.
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