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    Bushranger's Characters in a Nutshell.

    ...they are all, after all, more or less nuts in one way or another...

    (No need to index this post.)

    Sorted by affiliation, and then by power level.

    Heroic and Anti-Lawbreaking Organisation:
    John O'Connell/Bushranger (A+/S-) Godkiller.
    Erin O'Connell (B+) Godkiller.
    Patty O'Connell (B+) Godkiller.
    Dani Goswell (C+)

    Good League of Good:
    Quinn Druid (B-/A-) Godkiller.
    Jamie Druid/Druid Princess Mikani (~C) Magical Girl.
    Shrike of Swiftly Striking Talons (A+)

    Shawna von Letters (B-)

    Asociation of the Evil, Malicious and Nefarious:
    Becky O'Brien (C+)

    Temple of Iames:
    Sharon O'Connell (C) Not the same as the other Erin.

    The Black Fox:
    Arina (B+)

    Naethalee Halcyon (C+)

    Residents of Inside without formal affilation:
    Aeryn O'Connell (B+/A-)
    Brian O'Connell (B/B+) Demigod.
    Lucca O'Connell (C+)
    Susan Kelly (C+)
    Eileen Thorsson (C+)
    Andromeda Myslyvets (C-)
    Kara McKay (D)
    Crissy Séregon (E-)

    Retired/Deep Deadtime:
    Roland MacCumhail (A) Demigod.
    Falcon (A+) Back to Shrike
    Alex Russkij (D+) Retired.
    Val Russkij (D+)
    Brendan Drake (D)
    Patty Ann O'Connell (~D)
    Marcie Strandberg (E)

    Plum-speaking drow/half-drow, possibly Amist...
    Cynis Ameida - Terrestial Exalt, wood aspect.
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