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Okay, as far as Samurai fixes go, this is the best one I've seen. Truly well organized.

Since a Samurai is so intrinsically linked and dependant upon his Ancestral Daisho, several issues immediately come to mind:
1. Its hardness and overall damage resistance should increase with the Samurai's level (at least while held by the Samurai).
2. The time required to reassign weapon abilities should decrease with level increase.
3. At some point, a Samurai should have some means of locating his Daisho if it gets stolen/lost.
4. I'd grant [+1 Ancestral Daisho] at 3rd level and [Daisho Enchantment +1] at 4th - then I'd increase each one with each additional 4 levels. This will give you [Daisho Enchantment +5] at level 20, which definitely doesn't seem to go off the scale to me (and there's nothing sacred about gaining +5 weapon at exactly 20th level - a Kensai gets it way earlier).
5. Kiai Smite should demoralize (probably should allow Will saves).
6. Maybe it's a matter of personal taste, but it seems reasonable to me that Balance should be a class-skill as well.

Btw, what do you get from "Tea Ceremony" ?
Thanks for the compliment! I tried to capture the fighting styles of each Clan for the class.

1-4: I didn't want to add too many class features related to the ancestral daisho. If I did I would have felt that I'd need to reduce other non-daisho class features and didn't want to end up with a class whose power is "I have a magic weapon." If you wanted a Samurai that had a closer bond with his ancestral daisho I'm sure I could come up with an Alternative Class Feature that grants some of your suggestions while removing one or two other class features.

5. The Samurai already has a class feature that will demoralize (Staredown), so I don't think it's necessarily to add it to the Kiai Smite.

6. Balance could certainly be added to the class skill list. I mainly just used the skills that were on either the Samurai in CW and the Samurai in RCS.

7. Tea Ceremony is a skill exclusive to Rokugan. It does pretty much what it's name is - the characters sit down and have tea for about a hour. A DC 15 Tea Ceremony check let's the participants recover a Void Point (kind of like an action point, but different in flavor and use).