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    Quote Originally Posted by Chambers View Post
    1-4: I didn't want to add too many class features related to the ancestral daisho. If I did I would have felt that I'd need to reduce other non-daisho class features and didn't want to end up with a class whose power is "I have a magic weapon." If you wanted a Samurai that had a closer bond with his ancestral daisho I'm sure I could come up with an Alternative Class Feature that grants some of your suggestions while removing one or two other class features.
    You don't need to reduce anything. Melees need all the love they can get.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chambers View Post
    5. The Samurai already has a class feature that will demoralize (Staredown), so I don't think it's necessarily to add it to the Kiai Smite.
    "Shaken is not such a meaningful condition and fear effects do not stack. This is more of a thematic issue (and again, melees need all the love they can get)

    Also I'd make the following changes to the Crab Technique:
    1. Kaiu Wall Smash would function as given for Greater Kaiu Wall Smash (using Dungeonscape, Fighters can get even more benefits by 6th level, and by 15th level they're next to insignificant).
    2. Master level would grant a free on & off Enlarge Person.
    3. Technique Supremacy would push the above to 2 size categories larger (would stack with Jotunbrud to gain the desired "+3 size categories larger" effect ).
    That's because I just can't in any way imagine a creature to function as if being 3 size categories larger.
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