Fin Staton

Alias: That crazy guy, You (As in: 'WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!')
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Predominately human.
Age: 25
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Jack of all Trades
Description: He wears serviceable blue trousers over his legs, which are thin and vaguely muscled. He has a white shirt underneath his Jacket. It's a brown one, made out of a vaguely sturdy material.

He wears a cocky grin on his face, which is topped with messy black hair. Around is neck is a thin length of adamantine chain, which at first glance appears to be a thin rope. It leads down underneath his shirt and Jacket.
Equipment/Abilities: I'm gonna break this down into a list.

The vial: There's a tiny vial around his neck, made of the strongest glass possible through technological means, and enhanced by near epic-level magic. It contains a few drops of water from the only wishing well in existence that works.

The Gloves of Shiva, Ice-God of Death: Simple gloves made of black leather with an ice-blue rune on the back of each. When they are put on, the wearer is momentarily possessed by Shiva, before a fist of ice forms around the gloves and the possession ceases. Allows some degree of control over ice and cold, as well as making it hurt a lot to be punched. Ownership of these gloves technically makes Fin the high-priest of Shiva.

The Hammer of Arix, Fire-God of Death: A large, two-handed war-hammer, resplendent in steel, with a fiery-red rune on both sides of the head. When wielded, the bearer is momentarily possessed by Arix, before the hammer is enveloped in flame, and the possession ceases. Allows some degree of control over flame and heat, and is also a flaming war-hammer. Ownership of this hammer technically makes Fin the high-priest of Arix. Cannot be used with the gloves of Shiva.

The powerfist: This powerfist has been imbued with positive energy. Unfortunately, due to the cleric who made it being a tit, the only way to heal someone with this glove is to punch them with it, shaking the positive energy off of it onto the person.

Some would call this impractical.

Rocket boots!: Can I just leave this? I don't think you guys need any explanation. Fin's quite terrible with them.

The curse of unnecessary pencils: He will be practically overflowing with pencils when he needs to write nothing down and doesn't want a pencil, but the second these would become useful he can't find a single one. A witch got annoyed at him one time, long story.

The boomerang gun: A specially designed pistol that fires inch-long, bladed boomerangs at the target. Quite easy to aim, and to shoot, very hard to avoid killing yourself with.

Portal gun: The blue/orange portal firing gun. It jammed years ago, and is inoperable. Still, he keeps it around in the hopes that someone can fix it.

Minor arcane abilities: He can cast a few small spells, flare, unlock, etc. He needs a spellbook and time before he can cast anything better.

Minor combat abilities: If it's a weapon, he can probably use it badly, and even has a bit of experience hand-to-hand. Probably won't be winning many fights though.

Technological aptitude: He can probably fix something, given enough time to tinker with it. By no means a guaranteed thing, though.

Dimensional Travel: He's quite good at traversing dimensions.

Ted: He has a tiny mechanical spider, named Ted. Ted can walk on walls/ceilings/floors.

Possibly some other things: But I've forgotten them.

All the items are stored in a pocket dimensions that can be accessed through the two pockets on his Jacket.

Backstory: An orphan from an early age, he left the Nexus when he was ten, having wonderful adventures in other dimensions, and gathering the various artifacts and the information his Jacket and head now hold, respectively. Came back to the Nexus for reasons known only to him.