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    Name: Anatolij Fedorowicz Eliaszeńko
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Profession: Soldier
    Age: 30
    Power level: C
    Description: Anatolij is a muscular but surprisingly short man with fair skin that's nonetheless weather-beaten. His head is bald, apart from a single strand of hair on the top and he wears a long, thin moustache. His eyes are gray and narrow. He's got some combat-induced scars here and there. When not wearing his armor - which is Remnant's Basic Powered Armor Type One (AT-01) - he tends to appear in drab, simple and practical clothes.
    Personality: Despite his training and combat experience, Anatolij is still a gentle soul at heart and remembers being a no-respect pushover. He tends to try to help those in need if it doesn't interfere with his orders. His conscience and compassion get the better of him at times. In off-duty situations, he tends to be amiable and friendly. He's got a pecuilar quirk, however - when dealing with people on Remnant business, he likes to pretend he's a dumb soldier with no initiative on his own to lull them into a false sense of security.
    Equipment: Remnant's Basic Powered Armor Type One, a cavalry sabre which can be super-heated with a switch, combat knife with a taser function, heavy handgun, Remnant attack bike.
    Abilities: Anatolij recieved the full training in Mortal Coil in the days of the empire, making him a very dangerous soldier. He's an expert hand-to-hand combatant with a sabre, which he uses either alone or paired up with the combat knife or the handgun. He's also a good shot with the gun and a highly experienced at driving his attack bike in all situations, including combat.
    Backstory: Anatolij was born in year 1624 in a small village in Ukraine. As a Cossack, he always wanted to be like those nigh-legendary warlords who threatened the Commonwealth itself. But the harsh reality was that he wasn't a very good fighter and couldn't even hold his liquor. His bleak life changed when, while riding alone thorough the steppe, he found himself near Taverna Generica in the Nexus. After some ups and downs, he joined the Mortal Coil, an elite unit of the Empire and stuck with them after the Empire's fall.
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