Name: George Shackleton
Race: Human ghost
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Power Level: Formerly 5, then 2, now 5 again
Affiliation: GLoG
Age: 40ish
Appearance: Large middle aged guy with a thick beard and a bit of a beer belly. Except translucent. Because he's a ghost.
Class: Mystic Theurge worshipper of Thor Mystic Theurge
Combat Proficiencies: Hammer
Common Knowledge: Always cheerful, fond of workout dvds and showtunes, former partner to Czernov
Uncommon Knowlege: is sometimes visited by the ghost of his late wife, Sophie Shackleton, former lover to psychotic psychic Alek Moore

George was killed when Alek sucked out his soul during a kiss. George's body is buried under the Taverna. Later when Alek was killed, George's soul was released and went to his afterlife. He is extremely unlikely to accept resurrection, should anyone attempt it.

Returned as a ghost when Czernov escaped hell. Currently located in the GLoG infirmary watching over his lover.