Alias: Known only as The puppet master.

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Alignment: Lawful evil

Class: Puppeter

Power level: his body is only able to push low C but his puppets are much stronger and can be any where from low D's to high A's.

Description: a average hieght for a human Male but he wears all black suit and a large cape the outer of the cape is black but the inards is a sily red. he also has a dark hood covering all of his face in darkness. from what you can see of his face it is mostly skeleton and slightly wooden, making it seem that he could also be a puppet himself...

Personality: The puppet master talks freely to those who are as evil as him but despizes good and chaos and will have nothing to do with them.

Equipment: the puppet master has no visible items with him. but in his dark cloak he has a untold number of puppets and strings. also he has a few old parchments and a quill and ink.

Abilitys: The puppet master has the ability to manipulate puppets and darkness. he can control puppets to do his bidding and also can use puppet strings to attempt to take control of his enemys. he also has abilitys to control darkness such as making illusions of himself and making portals in the dark that can make enemys wander around in of his main puppets is the puppet of the copy cat it morphs it self to look slightly like its enemy or anything else and can use the abilitys that its enemy would have.
another is the puppet of darkness. when this puppet is in darkness it appears to be a massive beast that moves around on its hind legs, witch can manipulate darkness as the master can. another is his standered puppet it has a all wooden body witch has the rough resemblence to a human although the puppet is only 2 feet tall. each puppet is very vunerable to fire. they can float through the air as if being as light a feathers. but they are limited to about 50 feet of string if they try to move farther the puppet will not be able to unless the puppet master moves closer to them. also if the puppets string are cut the puppet will fall uslessly to the ground. the puppet master himself is very vunerable to light himself and tends to avoid it when possible.