Travok - Dwarf Battlemind

Travok nods to the guards, though he can't help but compare them with the guards at the Temple of Moradin back home. They look underarmed, with those glorified sticks for weapons and armor made of less metal than a dwarf would use for a nightshirt. He turns back to the temple, the ornate stone and the shining sun atop. It looks gaudy. He reminds himself that Pelor is, by all accounts, a decent god. Even the priests of Moradin say so, and Arthur's an all right fellow. He'd seen him in action enough to appreciate him, even if he did have a weird aversion to shedding blood himself. Still, it's hard to shake the impression that for all Pelor's good traits, he's still a human god.

He sticks close to Maharal. Dwarves have to stick together.

I may have overdone the dwarf pride here. I may end up backing off later. And I also established that Travok considers Maharal a fellow dwarf, even if he does look different.