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    Name: Cecily
    Race: Jaeger
    Sex: Female
    Age: Adult. Whatever is normal for Jaegers. I don't know.
    Profession: Milliner / Hatmancer
    Power Level: C (Despite her frou-frou career, she's still a Jaeger.)


    Cecily's Millinery und Hat Magic

    Headgear uf hall types!

    Fabulous Fedoras!
    Terrific Trilbys!
    Bizarre Beanies!
    Vunderful Vigs!
    Tinkink caps!
    Karnival masks!
    Silly Moustaches!
    Sortink hats!
    Srs hats!
    Silly hats!

    Find hall uf de aboff und more at

    Cecily's Millinery und Hat Magic
    City uf Inside
    Market Schtreets
    Look for de schop on chicken legs!

    All of Cecily's hats come standard with a treatment that repels water, blocks stains, and resists ordinary damage. Of course extraordinary attempts to destroy them will probably succeed, but they should emerge from a standard random encounter unscathed.

    Cost is x gold per hat, plus y gold per enchantment added. Very special hats may require special pricing, such as quests.

    A sample of her inventory can be seen here. Or you can google Ascot hat if you want to have your mind blown. O.o
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