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    Nicolai Cievk

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human or something very similar to them.
    Age: 28
    Alignment: Well, he's rather neutral in nature. More interested in himself and enlightenment then what's going on in the world, that said if asked for help he'd probably not turn a person down, so he does lean towards being good.
    Class/Profession: Psychic, is I suppose the best approximation of his skills, with a little bit of martial art's thrown into the mix.
    Power Rating: Below Average-Average I suspect from what I've seen of the Nexus
    Description: A man of medium height and build, around 5' 9 with dark brown eyes and skin made dark from days spent out in the sun, he has short black hair, and a what could be described as more Asian features, he is however fairly muscular likely from those same days out and about. He is wearing rather beat up blue jeans and a black T-shirt, He's carrying a walking stick in his hand. (More on that in the Equipment section)
    Equipment: He carries a short knife, some trail rations an small device that allows him to alter his appearance and his staff, which appears to have been carved of Holly and is covered in picture inscriptions that appear to be of things that happened.
    Abilities: He can fight fairly well hand to hand or with his staff
    He has a degree of psychic power and is good at using it to aid himself, though he can also use it to influence others
    Backstory:To be developed as it is revealed IC
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