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    Morvanyn Il'Sonye

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Fey'ri
    Age: 137 (21)
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class/Profession: Sorcerer (More a natural wild mage), part-time inventor, out-of-work actor
    Power Rating: C-/3 probably
    Description: Taller than most elves, but still short by human standards, standing about 5'6. Pale, white skin with glowing red eyes and long black hair with coruscating streaks of color steaming though it. Morvanyn tends to wear black leather anytime he gets the option (being blessed enough to have the figure to pull it off) and almost always wears his leather duster to hide his tail.
    Personality: Morvanyn, or Bel'lakor as he sometimes calls himself (normally when he wants to do something nasty), is mad by the simplest definitions of the word. It is, however, much much deeper. His every action is based, not on whim or delusion, but on what will cause the most chaos and be most amusing to watch. He is a sarcastic, ironic, sardonic trickster at heart with a heart of Francium, or maybe just pure Promethium (after his experiments with magic, for all we know it could be.)
    Equipment: Scroll-case containing various scripts for plays he plans on auditioning for; Wild Flux Generator, a piece of techno-magic that allows him greater access to wild surges; Light XBow (and ammo obviously); All-in-one Component Pack, homemade device that replaces just about every negligible material component or focus; Rod of the Reckless Dweomer, a magic device that attempts to cast any spell of his choosing...but more often than not goes horribly, horribly wrong.
    Abilities: Morvanyn can do anything he feels like doing, if he really sets his mind to it...more often than not, however, he gets distracted or bored and starts something equally ambitious. He's a sorcerer with a decent bit of magical might, but a significant chance of being crushed like a bug at any convenient moment (Or crush himself through the machinations of the dice gods). Spell List:
    I'll do it eventually, just remember that, fluff-wise Morvanyn's the kind of character that can literally pull magic out of thin air and do something with it. That and I do have his spells, just don't want to waste an hour or so writing them up

    Backstory: I'll get around to it.
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