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    Alias: Zaniltorkenthroth, Zanny, Zanil Torken
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Green Dragon, usually appears human
    Age: 932 years
    Alignment: Chaotic awesome neutral
    Class/Profession: Master Bard
    Power Rating: A-, using Neon Knight's scale
    Description: Human form:
    He is about six feet tall, give or take an inch or two. He has a growth of fiery red hair on his head, which despite going out in all possible directions is well groomed and smells fabulous. Or, at least you imagine smelling it and it is fabulous. Wait, what?

    His skin is just the right amount of tan that shows he doesn't stay indoors all day but doesn't care much about his complexion either. His mouth is fixed in a swagger-y grin. His gleaming green eyes have a spark of green in them that promises adventure and wonder like you've never felt before.

    He's dressed in a badass red longcoat and leather armor that looks totally wicked. The observers strong enough to find themselves after getting lost in his eyes or smile might see a keen rapier strapped to his belt or a fine lyre in his grasp. His well manicured fingers dance across the strings tantalizingly. Upon his feet are a pair of snazzy boots.

    When not in human form, he is a gargantuan green dragon. He is about fifty feet long from head to tail, with a scaly, lizard-like body with four legs positioned under his body, though they're more like a cat's than a lizard's, and enormous bat-like wings on his back. His head is positioned on the end of a long and thick neck with large spikes going down his spine and his tail is quite long and ends in a thin and whip-like tip. His huge eyes are emerald green in this form as well, and his teeth are a lot sharper and larger.
    Equipment: In human form, he has a badass red longcoat, leather armor, a rapier, an extremely magical lyre, and a pair of snazzy boots. Around his neck he carries an extra-dimensional storage pouch in which his dragon horde is kept. Also he has a lot of cigars.
    Abilities: He has access to all types and forms of music using his lyre. He can cast a huge variety of powerful spells, lots illusionary and mind-affecting. He also can transform himself after preparation.
    Backstory: None for you!
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