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Thread: Not just for Trolls and Ogres anymore!

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    Default Re: Not just for Trolls and Ogres anymore!

    For the full Ogre Mage yes. The War Troll I do not believe can be found in that book, if I am not mistaken the War Troll was released after Savage Species.

    Regardless these classes are intended to more open than a War Troll or Ogre Mage class progressions. They are intended to allow for things like War-Goblins, or a Troll Mage. Hell, if you have enough levels I figure a War-Bugbear Mage might be quite fun. It's really about allowing any beasty, ugly, green/grey/yellow-skinned, baddie-type player access to the same sort of expansion offered to the Ogre and the Troll.
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