Seaben Gladomain

Alias: Often goes by just Ben, or Magister of the Terramorphic Realm

Gender: Male

Race/Species: Human (See description and background below)

Age: 25

Alignment: Lawful Good Neutral (If anybody uses the axis of funk/square)

Class/Profession: Rockface Arcanist (the nearest DnD equivalent would probably be a spellblade with max ranks in Profession (miner))

Power Rating: Neon Knight Score (C+ skill and knowledge/B potential and actual ability); Quinstar score (4)

Description: Seaben stands at a stocky, muscular 5' 7" and weighs about 80 kg (about 170 lb.) of pure muscle. He has dark brown hair cut VERY short and similarly colored eyes. These contrast vividly with a very pale skin tone, indicating that Seaben hasn't seen extended sun exposure for most of his life.
His left hand and arm show signs of being very well used - the fingers and palm are callused and worn and the arm bears scars from wrist to shoulder. His right arm, though, as well as a sizable part of his torso, appears to be covered completely in blood. It doesn't leave marks or blood stains anywhere when he touches something, but it still looks wet.

Personality: Seaben keeps a cool head most of the time and likes to stay indoors. He is slightly unnerved by expansive open areas and is greatly afraid of being trapped, particularly underground. He's particularly skilled with forward planning but is merely combat competent.

Equipment: At the moment, Seaben's equipment consists of a finely wrought breastplate, a light warhammer, the clothes on his back (plain brown tunic and trousers, heavy leather gloves and work boots) and a throwing blade (think a desk fan, like this, but with more space between the blades and each blade a little smaller than the palm of you hand).
The breastplate is well-polished steel with amethyst and tourmaline inlay in the helmet. The warhammer is hafted in engraved pure steel, but the head is lined with diamond and studded with wicked shards of obsidian. The throwing blade is encased with a small shimmer of magic and is set in the middle with a single massive amethyst, on which is carved "Backlash" in flowing cursive.

Abilities: Seaben is a miner and magician, possessant of both physical endurance and elemental mastery. In particular, the magics of earth, fire and the Void are his dedicated specialties. He knows combat theory, but is quite unpractised.
As well as this, he has complete control over his right arm's shape and hardness and the rest of his body can bend and flow to a small degree. This comes with a cost, though - if he is polymorphed or shapechanged at any point into another animal, there is a chance that he will revert to a monstrous creation of blood and rage.

Backstory: To be developed over some time. Too long to be put here now.

Miscellaneous: He has no knowledge, at the beginning, how to control his monstrous side. This is developed, as well as his magical ability, throughout.