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Thread: 3.5 Prc, Poisonist [PEACH]

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    It would be good to include the number of uses of "A little Poison in it..." in the table in the same way that a Paladin's uses of Cure Disease are specified in their table.

    Also, your PM made it sound like you thought that I thought that Snake-blade was in some way in competition with Poisonist. I already was aware that they were not. In fact it would be somewhat unlikely (but far from impossible) for the same character have a hard time choosing between them, let alone wanting to dip both. The Venomsmith thing might be much more of a direct comparison, but even then I think there is room for both. Snake-Blade is actually made with Fighters and Barbarians in mind (sure you gotta get 4 cross class skill-ranks, but those are the only skill requirements and the other requirements support this).

    Thanks for the compliment in your write up of the link to my unusual poisons. I could see Flagg keeping them around, although he might chafe at the minimum of sadism in most of them.
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