"As for myself, I would be honored to join the search. It is both my duty and my privilege to bring light into the darkness." Glancing around at the group around him, Maharal's lip quirked into a smile. "We would certainly make a somewhat more... varied caravan guard than I have seen before, but I'm not sure that is what he meant. If we are to investigate these attacks, I would ask for as much information as you could give us about the composition of those who have not returned."

Settling back slightly, Maharal begins to tick off his fingers. "Did your group of faithful pose as a caravan or replace the normal caravan guards, or did they set off to retrace the steps? Were the previous caravans carrying anything in common, or were they varied? If we do come across them or their... remains, is there anything in particular we should look for so as to confirm who they are?"