Jadira walked through the city of Ravenstar, content to listen to her newfound co-adventurers chatter amongst themselves while whistling a merry tune to herself. In truth, the diminuative human was desperately trying to keep her hands in her pockets and her bright blue eyes off of everyone's belongings. No sense in finding more trouble now, she thought to herself. She was already in pretty deep, throwing her lot in with a bunch of strangers.

The two living constructs intruiged her; several times she 'accidentally' tripped and used one to regain her balance. They were metal all right, she determined. But they moved more fluidly than almost any knight in armor.

Arthur seemed like every other member of the clergy Jadira had had the 'fortune' of meeting. She got the feeling the two would soon rub each other the wrong way and paid him little mind.

Dimble... Dimble seemed like her kinda guy, though that still remained to be seen.

The drow made her uneasy. 'Bedroom eyes', they called it. She was used to letchers oogling her, but he seemed different, in a... vacant sort of way. Either way, she moved away from him anytime they were close to each other in the marching order. She also muttered something about 'sleeping her my ass to the wall' once.

At the temple, Jadira looked nervous. Everything was bright, brighter than she reasonably liked, and full of clergyfolk. And shiny things. Shiny, possibly valuable things. Yanking off a glove with her teeth, she idly began chewing on her nails, even as the High Priest spoke. Moments into the conversation, she realized her companions left out one major little detail. The tiny human stepped foward.

"Hey there, High Priest, sir," she began. "Avandra's grace and pleasure to meet ya. M'name's Jadira, one of this here motley crew, and, well, I hate to be the sour grape or whatever ya call it but, well, no disrespct sir, I haven't heard a word about... you know... compensation. Ya know, time, gold, equipment, loss of life and limb. Standard adventurer's fee."