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    Travok Bluesteel - Dwarf Battlemind

    Travok nods. "The half-- er, hum-- um, young woman has a point," Travok says, blushing furiously at his stumble. Jadira looks human, but she's his own height, about the right size for a halfling, and way too small for an adult woman. He's still not clear whether she's a human or a halfling. "And it's not crass to ask about payment up front." He turns to the priest. "As I'm sure you're aware, adventurers' best income comes in the form of spoils from battle. But often, there are no such spoils. We escort the caravan, or defeat the bandits, or find the missing cat or whatever, accomplish our mission and go home. It's not as if the gods place a treasure of appropriate value for experienced adventurers in a chest right in the middle of the rabid wolf's cave. That would be awfully contrived. So, it's appropriate to ask about commensurate compensation."

    OOC: Okay, I couldn't help mocking the tendency of DMs everywhere to put appropriate treasure in wildly inappropriate places. I figure "real life" adventurers would get most of their living expenses paid by those who hire them. It's not like every caravan they get hired to protect would be attacked by unbelievably wealthy bandits, or that they'd track down a rabid wolf only to find that it'd taken over a treasure cave.
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