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    Eve (aka Lady of Three, Mother Eve)
    (Kris, please index this post under Eve, Coralie, Vasilisa, and Jedwiga)

    Gender: Female
    Race: Human Goddess
    Age: as old as mankind
    Alignment: Neutral
    Power Rating: A/S

    In the beginning, Eve and Astir walked the lands of Eden, a garden paradise where there was nothing to endanger them, but also nothing to challenge them. In some ways a lush and vibrant world, but in other ways, dead. It allowed complete physical hedonism, but no growth at all for the mind. Until Eve came across a pomegranate tree, and a serpent that promised her that if she ate of that fruit, she would become like a god.

    She ate that fruit, and she did become a goddess, able to shape the world or even create new ones. Sometimes with Astir's help, and sometimes at war with him.

    But she never found the Tree of Life. Her body aged, and she saw her death approaching. So she split herself, allowing part of her to go into a young virgin, and another into a mother. And in time, her body died. The mother became the crone. The virgin became a mother. A new girl was chosen as the maiden. The maiden begins innocent, and doesn't bear the full memories of the goddess until she has eaten the fruit.

    Millennia pass, and the cycle continues. Each girl who is chosen passes through all three aspects of Goddesshood, and then dies, but the Goddess lives on. Each mortal aspect can access some power, but all must be united in order for the full power of Eve to become available. But they avoid this unless absolutely necessary because if all die at the same time, the goddess will die.

    The current aspects:

    Coralie, age 7
    Race: Human / Aspect of Eve "The Maiden"
    Age: 7
    Class: Spontaneous magic user
    Power Level: Scalable
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Equipment: doll named Dolly
    Misc: Lives in the slums of Inside. Very intelligent and obedient.


    Name: Vasilisa
    Race: Human / Catgirl / Aspect of Eve "The Maiden" "The Mother"
    Age: 20s
    Class: Commoner
    Power Level: Scalable
    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Vasilisa has a child named Dima, about 4 years old. Shortly after Dima's birth, she allowed Adam to turn her into a catgirl and has had several more catchildren since then. Kind of an airhead, but sweet.

    Name: Jedwiga "Lady Death"
    Race: Human / Aspect of Eve "The Crone"
    Class: Witch
    Power Level: Scalable
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Equipment: Flying mortar and pestle
    Special Abilities: witchcraft, invisible servants
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