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    Race:Emotion(It's complicated)
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Description: Slightly above average height, 190lbs, pale skin, silver hair, black goatee. Usually wears a trench coat made of shadows.
    Alignment: It's even more complicated.
    Power Level: C+/Unknown for now
    Residence: Watchtower
    Abilities: Stronger and more resilient than most mortals tend to be, uses shadows to travel to certain locations, and can summon his shotgun.

    History: Jeremy, when he used to be human, was a Vice cop in St. Louis. On one of his days off, he met Hannah(played by Happyturtle) in an alleyway off of one of the market places and was drugged and kidnapped by her and taken to Affidavit(GnrlShrimp). Through a rather long and complicated process, Jeremy bodysnatched a Creation from the Prof, and tried to get revenge. After a while, a truce was made, bodies switched, and Jeremy got betrayed and his head exploded.

    On his way to Hell, his soul was snagged by something that called herself Chaos. It offered him a deal. In return for giving his original body back to him, as well as power, he would have to serve as the physical embodiment of Vengeance in the Nexus. He accepted the deal.

    (More to come later)

    *didn't just notice the index*

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