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    Gender: Male
    Race: Corrupted Half-Dragon(Black) Dire Rancor Beast
    Age: Unknown
    Rating: A
    Alignment: Whatever his Mummy wants him to be.
    Abilities: Heals quickly, extremely strong, Rage, acidic breath/Infernal Breath, ability to change size thanks to his Mummy's pixie dust.
    Description: 20 meters tall (65ft) or 6ft, rather thick skinned, lots of claws tusks, spikes, and fangs, has wings, a tail, and is covered in black scales. Originally, the scars on his scales were gray, but do to a corruption beam, he's been partly demonized, causing his scars to show as bright red. The eye the beam hit, is now surrounded by bone as the spell melted it away, and the eye has been replaced with black flame.

    Background: Fluffy was found by Roxie, and raised as a fighter in Magtok's Arena. He was the Arena champion, but now spends his time with his Mummy in NO, leading a simple life of chasing sheep and terrorizing the local cookie population.
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