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    Name: Tialait Awfullich
    Gender: Female
    Race: Half-Nymph Half-Elf
    Age: It's over 9000
    Rating: A-
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Abilities: Genius Level Genetic knowledge, Druidic magic knowledge including some lost rituals.
    Description: Standing about 5'6, and weighting about 120 Tialait is not a large woman, but not really a small woman either. She always wears a green dress and a smile, carrying a staff that she mostly uses that as a walking stick.

    Background: Tia was the third child of Tyalor the ArchDruid. She was spirited away as a young child to the Fey Wilds where she learned the ways of the fey and her respect for nature. She found her way to HALO, and loves the base and the people there.

    Name: Child Tialait, CT
    Gender: Female
    Race: Mystical Overflow of Tialait's rebirth
    Age: A little over a year.
    Rating: S
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Abilities: Willpower of nature and reality around her. It forms to her will.
    Description: CT is a small child no bigger then a 2 year old. She giggles alot and carries a wand that can harness her power.

    Background: CT was created when Tialait cast a ritual called "The Genius Loci" on the AMEN base. A side effect is that it left Tia completely helpless and her own power couldn't be kept inside her. Her power drained into the AMEN base and created a child version of her. The little scamp tried to learn how to be Evil, but failed. Now she has left AMEN, and joined with a mysterious organization....

    Name: Rificul Malkav
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human Vampire
    Age: Appears to be 30, actually about 40
    Rating: D
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Abilities: Immortal do to being a Vampire, little other in the way of powers.
    Description: Rificul looks like a proper British gentleman, carrying a cane with a design on it. A scowl seems to overcast his face, he wears a top hat and a tasteful cape. He is about 6'2 and 170lbs.

    Background: Rificul was an American tourist to London in 2000, by the name of Jack Clayton. During the new years party the lights flickered out and he panicked and ran into a part and under a bridge afraid of looters coming to kill him. Hiding under that bridge a brick was removed and a man spoke to him. Telling him to hand him his hand. He reached out for some human comfort, he felt pure pain as the fangs sank into his wrist and started draining him. Slowly the pain turned to pleasure as the estacy of embrace sat in. He awoke the next night turned into an undead monster. He could hear voices telling him who he was. He was no longer Jack, he was Rificul Malkav. He was a nightmare.
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