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    Akio Yama
    Age: 118
    Rank: 3rd seat of 13th Division
    Height: 5‘7“
    Weight: 154
    Rieatsu: Cold and moist, like wet dirt.
    Speech: Yellow green - Impact

    Appearance: Akio is a very distinct individual. He has slightly pale skin and waist length flowing silver hair. His eyes are a radiant blue green with a minor vertical slit and he wears a stoic grin most of the time. He wears the standard shinigami uniform with a white obi around his waist, the ends hanging loose on the front to his lower calf.

    Personality: As a major power in the Yama Minor Noble Family, Akio takes great pride in his name. Any insult to another member of the family is viewed as an insult upon himself and he will thus do everything in his power to restore the honor of his family. Yuuta’s decision to be in the Kico Corps does not perturb Akio as much as it does other Yamas but he believes Yuuta would be very suited for 11th division, and will remind Yuuta of that fact whenever they meet. Akio fills the image of a stoic noble quite well, rarely if ever confiding in those outside the family or even trusting them. He has great respect for the Hayashi clan and as such views Natsuko with the utmost respect as both his captain and a powerful noble.

    Akio sees little sense in worrying about his own life, often seeming depressed to others by the fact he has little regard for himself and a lack of intensity to most personal situations. Couple that with his minor antisocial behavior and his habit of drinking alone, one may start to believe he’s in trouble. Truth is he’d rather drink alone because he trusts no one else.

    History: Before the cold war with Hueco Mundo, Akio was a proud member of the family division, 11th. As the war slowly died, so did the fighting of the 11th. After the start of the cold war, Akio transferred to 13th in order to fight the hollows once again.

    Sealed: As a sealed weapon, Noble Death is not very extraordinary. Its length is immaculate, polished and a slight metallic blue tint shows on the blade. The hilt is in a fine white silk wrapping and the guard is an hourglass shape of polished brass.
    Shikai: Unbind the clock hands of fate so that our power may be as one. Enemies shall quake and the dishonorable shall be redeemed. Bring forth the power of gods, Noble Death!
    : Noble Death Forms a perfectly white thin chain to attach to a large wood framed hourglass. The hourglass is as hard as his zanpakuto as well as the chain.
    Abilities: Releasing increases Akios power by quite a bit, though gives little else to him. He has the ability to release his rieatsu from along the blade, which seems like blasts of sand.
    Bankai: Not yet achieved but in training.

    Spirit: Noble Death's inner spirit takes the shape of a guardian angel atop the grave of Akios first kill. rarely ever moves frantically and more often than not speaks cryptically.

    Inner World: Akios inner world is dark and foreboding. Inside the wrought iron fence of a cemetery is his sanctuary, the graves representing those he has killed, hollow names filling the entire site. The skies above are always black but give off a little light, just enough to see Akios inner representations of shortcomings gnawing at the bars. These creatures look like large black canines. Akio meditates in his inner world twice daily, no matter what else is happening.

    Kido: Average for his seat in Hado but below average in Bakudo. Akio can use up to level 67 Hado with incantation and up to 34 without. Akio can only use up to level 43 Bakudo with incantation and 26 without.
    Shunpo: Below average. Akio can only use Shunpo a few times in succession and rarely uses them during battle except to follow an opponent that he knocks away, or one that tries to run.
    Zanjutsu: well above average. Akio has devoted his entire fighting style to his blade, and therefore is well trained.
    Hakudo: Well below average. Akios use of hakudo fell to the wayside as he trained his sword skills. He uses what little hakudo he does possess to compliment his zanjutsu.

    Fumio Santo

    Age: 274
    Height: 5'11”
    Weight: 143
    Hair: Dull gray and comes to his jawline at the lowest point.
    Reaitsu: Slightly yellow with a nasty habit of bathing the area in static electricity.

    Speech: DarkSlateBlue Bold

    Rank: Former third seat of fourth division, Current Rukon Clinic Doctor.

    Fumio has gray hair which hangs down limply in his face. He wears round glasses which he doesn't actually needs, but says it makes him look more “respectable.” He wears a simple gray sweater and khaki pants under a white labcoat whose seams are highly visible, as if stitched together with sutures. A stick of pocky can usually be seen in his mouth, though where he keeps getting them is anyone's guess. His blade is often not carried with him, but if it is present it rests easily on his right hip, as he is left handed. He often looks tired or upset, but always looks like he has something going through his head.

    Santo isn't big on formality, and unless addressing Tsukada or a member of the central 46 will talk to them as if a close personal friend. He does know that this is bothersome to many, but finds it a good way to judge people. Santo always has something going on, whether it be an experiment of some sort or a tough medical puzzle to solve. He will play a game with many of the seated and unseated he sees, trying to convince them they may be ill. Underneath all this, he may be a little bit off, but so far he's been unnoticed in that respect.

    History: Little is to be said about Fumio besides that he was always a capable healer and ultimately a great officer. He left the Gotei at about the same time Tsukada took over, though the events were unrelated.

    Shocking Sin. Santo's blade is simple in appearance, but bears a scratch on one side of a lightning bolt.

    Shikai: “Mummify and revive, Shocking Sin.” Santo's blade slowly turns to white cloth and wraps around his arm, much like a boxer would have tape. The cloth goes midway up his forearm as well.

    Shikai Abilities: Shocking Sin allows Santo greater control of his own reiatsu through his left hand, allowing his kido to gain a boost in power, although it's not as great as one would think. This allows him to cast up to the mid seventies in kido, all without chant at half power. The more noticeable thing is that he can fire his reiatsu for a short distance, which takes the form of, and properties of, lightining. This can be used to damage enemies, or as he's found out, can shock the recently deceased back to life sometimes. A being with greater reiatsu will be less likely to be revived, however.

    Inner World: Santo's Inner World is an endless field filled with lightning rods where the weather is always storming. The grass is blackened from fire in some places and trees have been struck down.

    Zanpakuto Spirit: Shocking Sin appears as an attractive woman dressed as a “naughty nurse”. She has pink hair pulled into a bun and always carries a white umbrella to stave off the rain.

    General Abilities:

    Zanjutsu: Poor. Santo considers himself “ a lover, not a fighter”.

    Hakuda: Fair. Santo's entire thought process in an actual fight is to get his left hand into play, so any skill he has in this area is out of necessity. Patients do get unruly, after all.

    Kido: Fair. santo can use most kido up to the sixties, but only to 43 without chant. He is capable of all healing kido with great results however.

    Hoho: Good. He may not be the fastest person to hit the gotei but he does like a measure of mobility and so he's learned to use hoho. While in Shikai or Bankai he may rival some of the slower captains, but only the slow ones.

    Passable Engineer. Santo has a habit of thinking about things differently, so he also likes to take objects and improve upon them. This is also what leads him to be a passable cook as well.

    Surgical Expert. Santo has had practice, and so he can name every bone, organ, and muscle in your body. Probably remove them too.

    Pianist. Santo has had a lot of time to spend, and so he spent it on playing the piano. He has many hours of practice and can play nearly anything as such.

    Removed Bankai since he won't be becoming captain. He could fit in nicely as a vice-captain though. I'll introduce him soon.
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