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    Grant "Black-Fire" Brandt

    Alias: Black-Fire

    Race/Species: Daemphage

    Age: 27

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Class/Profession: Soldier

    Power Rating: 10


    Thank you for the awesome drawing of Grant, Beans!

    Equipment: Grant owns a sword, shield, knife, halberd, hand gun, an eleven dagger, sword, shield and ray gun in addition to his own abilities, though he would rather use his sword or halberd than his powers..

    Backstory: Grant is the first experiment from an attempt to create a soldier that was perfect for fighting demons on the lower planes of existence. The scientist who created him once wrote that he had many emotional problems but that in terms of physical power, he was what they needed. He was trained and then sent to fight with the soldiers that were already fighting the demons. At one point he was tired of fighting and he was able to leave because of his good service. He ended up on this plane of existence in a remote village where he was found by his teacher Zero who trained him after he saw potential in him. It was there that Grant learned to use his power which is the use of dark energy to attack and defend. While he was living there he met one of the scientists that helped create him and she eventually became friends with him, but one day, Zero who was part of an earlier experiment to create creatures that could kill the planar, had killed the scientist. Grant ran away from the village and eventually ended up in HALO.

    Miscellaneous: None.
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