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    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Deeptroll
    Age: 120; prime of life.
    Alignment: Neutral-ish.
    Class/Profession: Hunter-scavenger
    Power Rating: C- with blindfold on or nighttime without blindfold; E- well lit area blindfold off; B- without blindfold in a cave.
    Description: A white-skinned humanoid creature wearing a leather loincloth and a heavy blindfold over large eyes. Protruding from the center of his forehead is a stalk of flesh ending in a glowing bulb, and similar light-generating organs are on his wrists. He's at least 7ft tall, maybe taller if he didn't slouch.
    Equipment: None, beyond loincloth and blindfold.
    Backstory: I'll think of one, probably.
    Miscellaneous: Capable of limited regeneration, generates light from various parts of his body and has very good eyesight in conditions of limited to no light; too much light entering his eyes hurts him a lot, however, and he tends to pay no attention to his other senses when in bright light as he fights to find shade.
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