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    Lee Brandt

    Alias: None

    Race/Species: Planar

    Age: 27

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Class/Profession: Soldier

    Power Rating: Lee's power level is 8 at maximum and by default he is at level 5. He can raise his power level up to 7 on his own but just like Grant, he needs someone else to help him reach full power.

    Description: Lee is thinner than Grant but just as tall, he has dyed fire engine red hair and eyes that seem to always be filled with anxiety an

    Equipment: Lee has at least four swords and if one of them is not in it's sheath on his belt he has a case for all of his swords. After a run in with a vampire Lee now carries a syringe filled with silver particles suspended in liquid meant to paralyze vampires.

    Backstory: Lee was from the second generation of planar soldiers. The things he saw in combat starting from a young age progessed into a severe disorder causing him to have flash backs and extreme stress in large crowds.

    Miscellaneous: None.
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