Cynis Ameida

Alias: ?
Gender: Female
Race: Human (Dragon-Blooded)
Alignment: LN
Affiliation: Creation
Age: ?
Class (or approximation): Wood Aspect Terrestrial Exalted
Profession: Sorcery student
Power Level: C+
Personality: Caring. Fanatical. Hedonistic. Friendly. Hard-headed.
Abilities: tba
Backstory: Although she comes from the great house notorious for its hedonistic appetites, and doesn't hesitate to indulge in them herself when she desires to, Cynis Ameida feels her true calling is in a less orgiastic area. Specifically, she believes that is is her destiny to wipe disease from the face of Creation, and has worked since her early days of schooling to learn everything she can torwards that goal.
Status: Active soon