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    Lightbulb FFRP Central: All players start here!


    Hello, and welcome to FFRP Central. This thread is intended to be a One Stop Shop for newcomers and veterans alike, to help players find games and games find players, and to allow for discussion among members of the community.

    What is the FFRP forum all about? It's about roleplaying a character in a universe or setting that is freeform and open ended, with no DM and with new players welcome to join at any time.

    "Hi. I'm new here! How do I get started?"
    Welcome! Every roleplaying universe is different, and more will come to exist after this guide is written. Start by posting here in the FFRP Central thread and introducing yourself. Tell us what kind of roleplay you're interested in. Someone will come along and direct you to the current OOC thread of the universe that is right for you. While you're waiting, read the faqs below and browse the index in the post below to familiarize yourself with the subforum.

    Like Ongoing Games, FFRP has multiple games going on at one time. What makes a game go here and not there? According to Roland:

    If it doesn't have a DM (even if there is some plot or conflict resolution by consensus), can be joined by anyone at anytime, and is roleplaying, it belongs in FFRP.

    He didn't say it should also be systemless, but I think that's implied by the name of the subform.

    The FFRP section is divided into different role playing universes, and each thread should be identified with a [Tag] in the title to show which one it belongs to. Since games come and go, and some don't survive, they will not be indexed in post two of this thread until a setting has been existence for at least six months and is still going strong.

    "None of these settings are what I want. How do I start my own?"
    Anyone can start a game up at any time. There is no approval process. However, there are some guidelines that are recommended to help avoid early game death from lack of interest:

    1. Check in at this thread first with your idea. Let's say you want to start a Cyberpunk universe. If there is already a Cyberpunk themed game, then check it out first. Maybe you'll decide you'll have enough fun in the existing universe that you stop here.

    2. If you think your Cyberpunk universe is different enough to want to continue, then recruit some players. You may find it useful to use the Finding Players subforum, since most of the players in ffrp are already involved in roleplay universes and may not be looking for more games to play in.

    3. Once you've collected some players, go ahead and start your thread. This is the important part: CHOOSE A THREAD TAG to identify your game, and make sure it is in brackets at the start of the title of every thread you make.

    4. Watch this thread for new people introducing themselves and looking for places to roleplay. Invite them to your thread! Roleplay! Have fun!

    5. Once your game has been going for six months: Congratulations! Most new games do not survive this long! PM me with whatever information you'd like to go in the index and pat yourselves on the back.
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