Aurea Chrysos

Alias: Aurea Goswell, Aurea Vulpan.
Gender: Female.
Race/Species: Gold Dragon.
Age: Only about one full, forum year. But she has a powerful curse on her that makes her age at an incredible rate, making her physically and mentally an Adult Dragon. Obviously, her maturity and experience are significantly lower than her peers. In the human form she usually takes, she looks to be in her mid-20s
Alignment: LG
Class/Profession: Archaeologist/Scholar
Power Rating: C

Description: When Aurea is in her Golden Dragon form (which is surprisingly rare), she looks like, well, a freaking golden dragon. When she's in her more common human form, she has cream colored skin (nicely tanned from being out in desert dig sites), hazel colored eyes, and golden hair.
Personality: Having only been in the world for a little over a year, Aurea has an incredibly hard time with social interactions. So she tries to avoid them as much as possible and, when that fails, she's rather awkward and bashful. She is most confident when she's lecturing talking to people about literature or history, which are her great passions.
Equipment: Books. Aurea always has a books, wherever she goes. Other then writing equipment, she doesn't carry much gear.
Abilities: Aurea has all the abilities of a fire breathing, spell casting dragon. But she is not one for combat, and rarely fights.
Backstory: To come later
Miscellaneous: Has Dragon-greed for shinies and valuable objects.