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    The Moff's Fifth Delta

    Alias: Delta 5 calls himself Quintus. The other Deltas call him 5 or D5. (Too easy? Deal with it. )
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human... sort of.
    Age: That's a toughie. Objectively, he was cloned a few months ago. Subjectively, he's about thirty years old.
    Alignment: LN. Fiercely LN.
    Class/Profession: Fighter
    Power Rating: C+
    Descrption: Unfortunately, D5 looks quite similar to The Moff. However, he's significantly bulkier and more heavily muscled, and has quite a few more scars. Needless to say, he avoids anything resembling The Moff's uniform, prefering a more practical chain shirt and overcoat.
    Personality: D5 is lawful to a tee: he has his values, and he sticks to them like glue. He absolutely despises The Moff, most of the other Deltas, and aberrations. He's a rather cold fellow, but he means well.
    Equipment: Nothing but the clothes and armor he's wearing, and a greatsword.
    Abilities: D5 spent 30 saubjective years in the Yellow Road observing some of the greatest fighters in the multiverse, and honing his art. The time also made him... less, and more, than human. Physics don't work for him the same way they work for everyone else: he can hit slightly harder, run slightly faster, and absorb slightly more damage. The only thing that dramatically sets him appart from a normal human is his ability to heal incredibly fast.
    Backstory: He's a clone of The Moff who was corrupted and altered by the Yellow Road. He believes D7 is his responsibility.

    D5 has been retired due to being no fun to play and being way too similar to Wenomir for me to really get away with.

    The Moff's Seventh Delta

    Aliases: D7 prefers the name D7, though D5 insists on calling him Septus.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Quite a bit less human than D5.
    Age: Again, this one's tricky. In the Yellow Road, time doesn't flow linearly. So while D5 is about 30, D7 is 14.
    Alignment: CN, but closer to CG than anything else.
    Class/Profession: Smartass in training.
    Power Rating: C-
    Description: D7 looks like a perfectly normal 14 year old human, although there's still plenty of The Moff in his looks. His only change of clothes is a pair of jeans and a Dream Theater t-shirt.
    Personality: D7 means well. He's just very, very bad at the "impulse control" thing. He loves music, but of quite a different variety then his Prime. As evidenced by the DT shirt.
    Equipment: A completely normal butterfly knife. D5 doesn't know he has it.
    Abilities: D5's powers are rather erratic. When under great stress, he can teleport through the Yellow Road in a manner similar to Jack Empty, and he's even more durable than D5. He has quite the affinity for machines and magic, especially where the two intersect. But as he doesn't know much about either, at the moment.
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