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Anymore general information about Dark Sun? Just about to dive into making encounters for the group so figured I'd try one last post to ask
My group is going to be starting a DS campaign sometime in the not-so-near future, and I'll be DMing. My suggestion for gaming would be to take the published adventure, the bloodsand arena adventure (google it to get a free pdf of it), and the encounters in the DSCS book and mix and match them for your own adventure. At least that's what I'm going to do. I'd wait until the creature catalog comes out before diving into a campaign (it's being released tomorrow, probably already available at your FLGS). The Marauders of the Dune Sea (or whatever it's called) isn't considered good because it's just a desert-based dungeon crawl with loads of magic items and (I've read) errors like horses on one map, an underground river and lots of magic items. Nothing wrong with a brief dungeon crawl to get the characters up in level, just don't make it standard fare for the campaign.

DS is very different from other settings and it should be played that way. Don't allow any races / classes / monsters that aren't laid out in the campaign setting or creature catalog. (Also use the DS names like half-giants / dray, etc. instead of the core equivalent). Emphasize the slavery, politics, racial fluff changes and harsh world aspects to good effect. Noble houses fighting amongst themselves, templars vying for power in the ruler-less Tyr, desert marauders attacking merchant caravans, the Veiled Alliance working to eliminate defilers, etc.

I hope this helps, not sure if it's exactly what you were asking for.