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    Alias: Razputin, Luke Benedict (although that's a true name and no-one knows it ...)

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 26

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Class/Profession: Mastigos Burglar/Thief/Traceur (In DnD terms the closest is probably a Gestalt Sorcerer//Thief-Acrobat)

    Power Rating: Now probably A. Rarely has the acumen to use his high end powers properly in a fight though.

    Description: A handsome, young man with a Mediterranean cast to his features. He has boyish good looks - tight, short curly black hair, and green eyes. He is physically very fit. He normally wears a shabby hoody and tracksuit combo, with duct tape around the waist, wrists, and ankles, flashy ski goggles around his neck, and expensive, magically enhanced running trainers and gloves.

    Personality: Normally cheerfully optimistic and friendly. He tends to be impulsive and dislikes scheming and manipulation. Can be petty and sulky. Ultimately looking out for number one, he will stick his neck out for his mates if he has to. Has a ... problem with alcohol and other narcotics. He tells himself he can quit any time he wants to, though. He is also a compulsive womaniser. When he can. He likes to think of himself as heroic. He'd be wrong.

    Equipment: Anything he can 'port in. Usually carries a butterfly knife, lockpicks, enchanted goggles that enable the wearer to see magic and magical effects, and gloves that can be used to dispel magical effects. Has a varied and interesting collection of magic items he has ... liberated. Due to his job, he has access to anything related to breaking and entering, and any real world weapons frequently traded. He favours either an automatic combat shotgun, or a pair of enchanted smgs. He recently obtained fully functional rocket shoes in a scenario of dubious canon.

    Abilities: Raz is a Mastigos mage; an apprentice in Mind and Matter, and an adept master in Space. For those not familiar with Mage the Awakened, that means he has limited ability to influence the minds of the others, and to protect his own (Mind), a limited ability to manipulate physical matter (Matter), and very powerful control over Space, including advanced applications of teleportation and portals, the ability to duplicate himself, scry on things, create small pocket realms, and just generally abuse distance, size, and relation. Recently, using powerful, obvious magics, or giving in to emotional extremes causes him to manifest fiery eyes and the smell of brimstone.

    Mundanely, Raz is a master thief, expert at stealth, sleight of hand, lockpicking, etc. He can just about get your belt while talking to you if he tries. He is an experienced athlete, with lots of experience of free running, tumbling, and parkour. He can handle himself defensively in a fight, due to extreme dexterity and magical spacial manipulation, but he is not really a skilled fighter. He is a tolerable shot with a pistol or smg.

    Backstory: Raz was born an ordinary human in London. Poor and fatherless, he swiftly turned to crime, and later, unrelated, free running. At 15, sitting alone in a police holding cell, waiting to be busted for dealing drugs, he Awoke as a mage. After a surreal jaunt to what appeared to be hell, cumulating in him scrawling his name in his own blood at the top of a watchtower. Returning to reality, he found himself atop a nearby skyscraper. He was swiftly inducted into the Mysterium, an order of Mages, and trained in cat burglary and space magic, so as to ... liberate items of importance.

    After a spell misfired, he was sucked into the NEXUS, where he has joined NO, recently obtaining the rank of second in command
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