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    Captain Tobias Abraham Johnson
    Power Level: C (Possibly C+)

    Height: 6 2
    Weight: 91 KG
    Gender: Male
    Race: Wolf Man
    Country of Origin: Eagleland
    Professions: Inventor, Airship Pilot, Soldier, Captain
    Current Occupation: Retired
    Last known location: In a bar in Cusper, Eagleland, believed to be the proprietor
    Dangerous Posessions: One unlicensed flintlock pistol, one military issued cutlass.
    Disposition: Unpredictable, believes himself to be invincible
    Alignment: Lawful Chaotic Neutral (Believes in honor, but not in obeying the law to the letter)

    Background - From a universe where steampunk technology and magic reigned supreme, Captain Tobias Abraham Johnson was about to set off on a fantastic adventure of plundering and piracy, when he was caught by the royal guard and cast into the ocean, left to the wiles of the sea to meet his demise.

    The sea took pity on him, and cast him into a new world where the royal guard would not reach him. He washed up against the coastline, and was found and rescued by Captain Valeriya Vela Russkij.

    From there...who knows where the wind will take him?

    Abilities - Captain Tobias has above-average strength, even for a half-wolfman, and is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, though he prefers to use his skill as a swordsman to win a fight. Or his skill as a marksman. He is a proficient navigator, but is still adjusting to the star patterns and land masses of the Nexus.

    Characteristics - Captain Tobias is a gentleman, and will always give his opponent a fair opportunity to fight back, provided that they do the same for him. He has the heart of an adventurer, and is always seeking to expand his knowledge of the world around him. He strongly believes that all men should be free to do as they please, as long as they don't go about hurting people in the process.

    Weapons and Equipment - Tobias carries with him a cutlass with a red jewel attached to the hilt, providing a slight magical enhancement to the blade's power and speed. Over his left eye he wears a glass monocle, which serves as a vision enhancement device that improves his accuracy and allows him to see past the magic in the world for the way things really are.

    His gun is a self-modified magic flintlock with three modes of fire. One fires the projectile but does not bestow it with any magic properties, another gives the projectile incredible piercing power to rip through layers upon layers of protection, and the last mode gives the projectile a heavy dose of magic that causes a tremendous explosion upon impact. The gun requires a heavy metal ball for ammunition, and can hold up to three bullets, with two in the handle and one in the firing chamber. To load a new shot, he must swing the gun around so that the bullet falls into the chamber, then snap it into place so that it locks into the ready position.


    -Captain Valeriya Vela Russkij
    -Marcie Strandberg
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