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    Butler B. Butler

    Alias: None
    Gender: Male
    Race: Cat-boy/Angel
    Age: 34 (60 human equivalent)
    Alignment: Lawful Sexy
    Class: Butler

    Description: Catboy who only wears shorts and a mithril collar. Has blue/gray hair and fur. Is physically fit from exercise.

    Personality: A friendly, if a bit lustful, catboy who is polite to a fault and likes everyone. Except mean people who like to eat people. Those aren't as fun. Dumb as a rock though. And that's insulting to rocks.

    Equipment: Several pairs of shorts, a mithril collar, and various cleaning supplies. Also has Decker's feather cloak, representing his marriage to her.

    Abilities: He's good at being a butler. A World Class Kisser capable of breaking curses with a wet one. Also an excellent cook. Not really very useful in a fight, though is fairly strong from working out and has feline agility going for him. Has vaguely defined angelic protection against extreme evil, such as possession.

    Backstory: Born and raised on Felina where he was "imparted" with their special brand of doing things. Which strongly resembles a line close to slave labor. But he was happy with it and never knew better. So grew up a butler, butlered for a few people offscreen before arriving in ACRO where he joined GLoG. He married Decker, died, and then came back to balance the see-saw.

    Miscellaneous: Currently butlers for Watchtower, though unofficially cleans the AuxCave when Magtok isn't looking.
    Also has fangirls.

    Fangirls: NPCs created by Happyturtle. They tend to follow Butler around and do creepy obsessive fangirl things, sometimes to his liking, sometimes to his chagrin. Anyone can play Butler's fangirls at any time.

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