Alias: Infectos, Infectos Essum, Edo Edi Essum (he was the Cosmic Horror's vessel for a time)

Gender: Male

Race/Species: I don't know, but he sure ain't a human anymore.

Age: Several thousand years old, though he doesn't remember the earlier millenia very well.

Alignment: Good. Not sure what kind, but Good. Let's just see where his character development goes.

Class/Profession: Retired Seeker/Abhuman/Void-beast

Power Rating: B/Scalable

Description: He is Caucasian, is skin a tad pale. He is bald. He is muscular to the degree of... say... your average fighter.

He can partially or fully transform into an 8-10 foot, muscular demonic figure. Long horns (horn, one got chopped off) grey-white carapace skin, large black hole in his chest, long claws, big hooves for feet, massive fleshy wings.

The sclera (whites) of Prae's eyes are now as black as the pupils, the irises a vibrant gold. This makes him look odd.

Personality: Old habits make Praetorious swift to violence. So much as spit at his feet, the ancient might put you through a wall. He's trying to manage it, but man, the dude could use a little help.

He has an exploratory, curious personality, though he tries to hide it beneath a layer of calm and cool passiveness. As above, this layer often disentegrates quickly when he is angered. He is deathly afraid of Edo Edi Essum and anything relating to the void.

Prae's been a bit of a hermit of late, so he's not very outgoing. He prefers quiet, wide-open spaces where he can think. It's best not to bother him when he's thinking.

He is a man seeking answers. The ancient has questions about everything, life, the universe, philosophy, and will do anything to learn more.

He is, quite frankly, disgusted at his warped form. Though he is sometimes forced to use it's power, or rage brings him to it, he doesn't particularly like the beast.

And that's all for now. Character development, away!

Equipment: Naught but the clothes on his back, some personal affairs, and perhaps food. He isn't staying anyplace right now, and his weapon was lost long ago.


-A degree of superhuman strength, speed, and durability.
-Disintegration blasts. He can make things asplode by sending pulses towards them.
-Vast knowledge of the Objects and all their related subjects, among other things.
-Maybe some magical powers. Nothing that makes him an epic mage, just stuff to help with rituals, the occasional fight...
-Other stuff I might've forgotten. Oh, like his Aura of Fear. And, when enraged, Aura of Destruction. Starts decaying things nearby.


-Vulnerability to holy weapons, holy energy, holy anything.
-Good-aligned and magic weapons to far better than ballistics or conventional firearms. But plasma, I suppose, works also.
-The Objects. They hate him with a gusto. Used against him, they may be instantly lethal, or at least capable of piercing his armor as though it were tissue paper. And, of course, extra pain and damage beyond.
-Passiveness makes him weak. If you can hit him before he becomes angry, then the fight may go far quicker.


The whole thing can be found here, though as a summary:

-He was an ancient Seeker, one of the most powerful, gradually losing his humanity. He had a lovely wife Angela.
-Edo Edi Essum (the Devourer, cosmic horror, etc.) wipes out his civilization, along with his wife.
-He goes batsh*t insane, trying to gather as many Objects as possible to take down Essum and get his wife back. He kills some important characters, including the original Balance of his part of the Multiverse.
-He fights Legion for the first 2000 Objects, gets wrecked, and for his failure in this ultimate battle, is cursed. All the Objects hate him forever, and he is tossed into the Void between worlds for eternity.
-Ages pass. He eventually grows to understand the 'nothing' of the Void and builds himself a new body.
-He travels the human world, seeking to gather power and allies and destroy Legion. Having forgotten long ago about Edo's acts, he allies with the Eater and goes after Legion.
-Due to the interference of some key players who want Legion to stay around, Edo loses most of his corporeal form (and corporeal abilities) and Praetorious (then Infectos) is reduced to human form.
-Edo makes Praetorious his vessel.
-They destroy half the regular Earth with Edo's vast legions now unleashed.
-Praetorious/Edo goes after the new Balance, this Balance being the one thing standing in his way.
-Prae's old personality, having started to return after Edo's possession of his body, performs a massive Face Heel Turn. Prae escapes his control, Edo is sentenced to a prison beyond time or somesuch, and that's how it ends folks.
-Prae jumps off the Tower where he fought Balance, falling between worlds and pretty much sleeping dead for millenia. He needs answers, has crimes to pay for.
-In this continuity, at least, he ends up in the Nexus. Go figure.