Kento Akota

Gender: Male

Race/Species: Humanish

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Class/Profession: Detective

Power Rating: Great Hero/C

Personality: Kento is best described as "The Don Quixote of Film Noir". He thinks of himself as the best detective ever, but the few times he's solved cases is always directly based on dumb luck (which he is extremely good at) or by the intervention of others. He will also launch into long-winded monologues for no reason. Reports have been made that color seems to fade away during these, but it appears to be different for every individual. Kento is extremely hot-headed and he speaks like Lucas Lee from the movie version of Scott Pilgrim.

Equipment: A variety of stereotypical detective gear,
his coat, which appears to be indestructable given the situations he finds himself in,
and two bizarre axes. They seem to be magical, due to the fact that they change shape and size every time he draws them from hammerspace. Their abilities change with the forms

Abilities: Kento is extremely capable in a fight, nearing Video-game-protagonist levels. This stems from his extraordinary strength and speed. He also appears to be incapable of wielding the simplest magic.

Backstory: To come later